Using hashtags in instagram stories and bio.

Using hashtags in instagram stories and bio.

Using hashtags in bio and story of Instagram

Sometimes you may not be searching for a person and use a specific hashtag. If the hashtag you are using be the same as the hashtag used by that person, in the first steps of searching they can find you. And that’s why it can be always helpful to use this option.

These two options have been applied in Instagram one two month after the other. And here we are going to explain how to use it.


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Adding hashtag to story

To use this option you can add a new story then in the emoji item of story page choose the hashtag and write the word you want. Pay attention that the hashtag you use will be in the category of the same hashtag that other people use. It’s better to use one or at last two hashtag in order not to make the story too busy.




Adding the use of # and @ in bio of Instagram

One of the newest options which has been added to introduce your page is using # and @ in your this way people who are searching you in the explorer part can find you faster and easier. It can be very helpful for attracting followers.





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