Face filters.

Face filters

One of the most interesting features of Instagram is face filters in stories. You can use this feature to add different stuffs or parts of cute animals’ body like their ears or their nose on people’s face. And make your photos funny in this way.

This features was first applied by snap chat and Instagram has copied it.it can be used with the main camera and the front camera. Cameras can identify faces so as you move the filter will move, too and will be adjusted on your face.




To view this option, create a new story choose the selfie camera and click on the sticker item next to the camera. Use your favorite filter among filters list and take the selfie. If you tend to save your story in your gallery, before creating the story you can activate save story item.so you will have one copy of your story in your galley.

By increasing your followers more people will see your story.

Monday, 22 April 2019 - 10:09:21