7 Ways to use instagram stories to overcome instagram algorithm.

7 ways to use instagram stories to overcome instagram algorithm.

Seven ways to use Instagram stories for overcoming Instagram algorithm.

Instagram stories and overcoming Instagram new algorithm.


As Instagram algorithm is still helping to make interactions among people, it’s no wonder that members focus on the stories of Instagram more and more. Take a look at the statistics here:

As TechCrunch has mentioned, more than 300 million people are using or viewing Instagram stories every day and this number is two times more than Snapchat. But Instagram stories are more than just being in touch with your followers. Sending stories can have great impact on the way your posts are in Instagram algorithm.

Algorithm will receive all the things you are worried about in stories i.e. you deal with your stories more than your posts. Your post may appear in your feed.

Here you can see seven ways to use Instagram algorithm to improve your stories. You are allowed to use your stories to increase your access to your followers’ pages.



1. How Instagram algorithm is changed in 2018?

While Instagram has announced recently that posts are going to be shown in a time order in peoples feed, it doesn’t mean that scheduling feed has come back. Instagram has set the algorithm to make the time of your files posting more exact and more important.

On the other hand, feed is still an algorithm, but the factors which influence algorithm have changed.

Considering all these facts users must find new ways to communicate with their followers and participate more on what happens in their pages.

How to use Instagram stories to overcome algorithm?

This year you can expect Instagram stories to keep being superior to Snapchat and become one of the most essential parts of Instagram marketing strategies.

In fact stories are going to play a great role in expanding businesses, introducing logos, increasing interactions, and expanding online marketing.

Here there are seven different ways which you can use them to overcome Instagram algorithm.

Try to use all the features of Instagram. Instagram algorithm will make use of the time which is spent on watching your contents as a factor to determine your popularity.

So how can you prevent your followers from watching old stories of Instagram?

The good news is that Instagram is going to apply some good changes on stories in some month or even weeks. These features will allow users to have more interesting interactions with their followers. You can access these features by clicking on hashtag icon which is on the right. When you are sending a story and you click on this icon all these feature are displayed so you can choose any of them.

Try to activate hashtags, locations, GIFs. You can make your followers keep following you by using all these features in different ways.

Instagram has introduced type mood in recent year which is a way to share what is in your mind using different fonts and size and themes.

To change the kind of type you need to open the camera icon and click on type button. It is near the live button.

You can use these different creative features to share your poems, tell followers what you are thinking about, or ask them a question. It’s up to you how to involve them more.


2. Appreciate users’ interactions.

Instagram algorithm will also consider the reactions to your stories or the comments you have received or even the number of times users have forwarded your stories to others.

The More interactions with your stories, the more probable your posts to be displayed in feed.

One of the good tricks to use to overcome algorithm is to use voting in stories. Interactive hashtags will allow you to ask your questions and see your followers’ answers. There are different ways to use voting hashtags to involve your followers in interactions. E.g. you can use it to see what they think about one of your products in ideds crowd source. And it will amuse your followers, too.

Encouraging your followers in these activities not only will help you have deeper relations and interactions with then, but also it gives you a better access to data and inputs.

One trick that famous people use it to increase their self-confidence is asking your followers to introduce and share the direct link to this product. It’s a great way to attract more people to your direct, have more interactions, and finally increase the possibility of your posts to be in the feed.

Instagram algorithm is influenced by Instagram stories, especially those which are in the upper part of the feed. The stories which appear at the beginning of stories line are those which the user has more interactions with their followers whether in their posts or their stories.


3. Sense of beauty in your brand

The beauty of your Instagram brand is effective in your feed and it must be spread to your stories, too. When a followers is watching the stories. They must notice your brand in the story without looking at your profile name. You can do it by using the different fonts and different interesting options in the story part or even the hashtags. You can add your characters to your products and make your brand and your page more beautiful. There are a great amount of variety in doing this activity, too. For example you can choose one nice color to change the color of your text or the shadow part of it. Press on your finger on any of the colors to view a vast line of colors. You can also use eyedropper to choose one color from the ones which are used in your story. This will help your story to be more coherent and beautiful.

Choosing a format for the pictures can also help you to beautify your story. Using Instagram stories kit can help you. The truth is your followers are more probable to become commercial brands when they know they can make use of your account with high quality.


4. Add links to your Instagram stories.

Last year Instagram applied adding links to Instagram stories. It a really big change.

 In fact it was the first time that users were able to add links to the stories.

 At the moment business accounts with followers more than 10k can use this feature if you are in this group you can lead the traffic to your campaigns, products’ pages, and your weblog posts.

Adding links to your stories not only will help you lead the traffic to your website, but also algorithm will reward you in its system.


5. Add location hashtags to your stories.

  Instagram has expanded the explorer and search part.

  So you can add hashtags and locations to your stories.

  At the moment users can see your hashtags and location if and only if they are searching that hashtag.

On other hand new people see your page and if they like your content, they will start fallowing you, too.

For adding one location, click one location label and type the place you want.

Your story will be displayed on the top list of related search results.

It is the same Simple way for adding hashtags.

You need to click on hashtags label and type what you want.

When people search a hashtag if they are famous enough-they can see all the latest active stories with that hashtag.

When your story is added to search results, you will receive an announcement from Instagram.

And when a person fined your story from one hashtag or location, you can see that page name in the list of people who have watched your story.


6. Start advertising in Instagram advertising stories are dis played in the common stories part which is next to food part.

 As people are spending time watching their stories, you are advertising your business.

To advertise something you can share a picture or video.

No matter which one you choose, you need to make sure you have an eye-catching engagement so you will attract people and make them stop on your story turn and watch it carefully.


7. Examining your success by analytics stories of Instagram.

When you go to a business profile, you watch the analysis for stories which is very helpful.

Considering Instagram strategies and

Knowing what methods are more efficient to use in these strategies, you can save both your time and your effort.

For looking at insights in your stories go to your profile and click on “start” button in story section.

Analytics stories will give you info about your content and it helps you improve it.

As a result, we must say that you can use algorithm changes as an opportunity to improve your interactions and make your contents more practical and interesting.

Stories hashtags can be helpful to increase your followers too testing and using all features of stories not only will help you overcome algorithm, but also it will help you precede your rivals.

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