Terms of Use.

Rules and conditions of registering in Follower Saz

Welcome to Follower Saz

 Rules of Follower Saz are applied on November 1st, 2018.

All the users who want to use Follower Saz services must read all the membership rules carefully. If any problem happens, the user is responsible for not reading the rules completely. These rules may also be updated in near future. So users need to refer to the rules page at least every month and check whether any changes have applied.


Follower Saz commitments to users

Follower Saz considers some commitments to users including:

1. Joining Follower Saz means confirming Follower Saz rules.

2. All the services which Follower Saz is submitting – managing Instagram account and sending posts according to the settings which you have applied- are in your profile panel.

3. when you install Follower Saz on your phone or your computer, you can enter your phone info to receive a message for password retrieval. This step is not obligatory and you can inactivate it if you want.

4. Users info is used just to enter their account and Follower Saz is committed not to abuse it.

5. Password retrieval to enter your profile panel in the application and the website are both possible through a message, an email (if confirmed), or a phone call. Follower Saz is committed not to give the password in any other ways to anybody else.

6. Follower Saz never asks for any info through email from users. Follower Saz requests are displayed through tickets in website and app. We use email only to ask you to view the links in website or to announce something.


Users’ commitments to Follower Saz

As we have some commitments to users, they are committed to adhere to some rules, too. If users don’t confirm the rules below, they are responsible for any further problem.

1. Follower Saz users must be at least the minimum legal age in their country. Unless the user and their family are responsible for any services or any costs.

2. When your account is blocked in Follower Saz for any kind of reason, you are not allowed to register or use Follower Saz again.

3. You mustn’t be a sex offender.

4. You mustn’t use Follower Saz to enter another person’s Instagram account or a fake account.

5. You mustn’t enter an account to Follower Saz which is doing illegal activities.

Account which don’t follow country or Instagram rules.

6. You are not allowed to assign an account in Follower Saz to another person.

7. You are not allowed to sell Ur account in Follower Saz to another person.

8. Follower Saz cannot guarantee that its system works 24 hours without any problem.

It any problem happened, the users must wait for the problem to be fixed, you are not allowed to protest.

9. Users must rea all the services Instructions carefully be cage after you confirm them if and thirty goes wrong, you yourself are responsible.

10. Follower Saz services do not guarantee to get any followers for the users.

If you pay its cost, but you can’t get any followers, you are responsible.

When the user pay the cost and after that the bot stopped working or didn’t work probably, users must call the supporting team and wait for the bot to be fined.

12. The money you pay is for the base speed.

If you want to use other speeds to need to pay the cost separately for each account.

13. if you remove an account which has time credit from its profile panel, the credit will be deleted and you cannot use it again.

14. if Instagram block or limit your account because of using this bot, Follower Saz is not responsible for it and the user is the one who is responsible.

15. Users must be careful to enter main website of Follower Saz.unless they are responsible if anything goes wrong.

16. Asking questions about registered accounts and the costs you’re paid is only possible through your profile panel. Other communication ways like calling us sending an email just support agreements before purchase.

17. The time which takes to answer your tickets varies from 1 minute to 48 hours.


We hope you enjoy Follower Saz services.



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