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Attracting followers with increasing Instagram followers.

 Bot {site name}

{Site name} bot can like, comment, follow, unfollow, and posting files in special times. It does all these activities automatically pursuing your goals.


How does it work?

Different website are filled by applications and bots which promise users to increase their followers. They all have the same function.

{Site name} bot is an effective and efficient bot which can assure you get the result you want. You are going to get real followers if you use our bot.

People who are attracted to your page by our bot are those who enjoys following you and liking your posts.


outo follow

Auto follow

Our system will follow account according to your goals and considering the time limited of Instagram filtering. Users will notice that you have followed them so they will follow you back.



outo like

Auto like

This bot will like different users’ posts so they will like you back or even follow you. Maybe you think this way is not that efficient, but it helps your page to be seen and attract attentions.



outo unfollow

Auto unfollow

Setting which are set in this bot by default will unfollow accounts in time an exact scheduling which Instagram cannot block your account.

Instagram time limits in each day

You can set time limits in each day for activities like posting, following, unfollowing and etc…

We have set ideal time limits for you, but if you like, you can change the time settings.




Time setting for sending posts

By the use of our bureaucratic post applications you can send as many posts as you want directly from your computer. You should just choose one photo. Set the time and the bot will send it on the time set.

How does our system work?

1. Our Instagram bot works with cloud servers.

You don’t need to download or install anything it even works when you turn your system off.

You can have access to it anytime and anywhere.

2. We are experts in advertisements and public relations.

So our techniques will guarantee your success.

3. Our technical experts have expanded such an algorithm that can simulate human activities like sleeping and resting times.

There is no limitation to use it.

4. You will see the first results only after two days.

Trusting {site name} will make great changes in your virtual and real life.

{Site name} is the first and the smartest Instagram bot to increase your followers.

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