Comparing IGTV with YouTube.

Comparing IGTV with YouTube.

Comparing IGTV and YouTube

One question which may come to your mind is which app is better to use IGTV or YouTube?


You tube’s fans are by far more than IGTV fans. They are not comparable in this part. Let’s view some differences they have here.



Which service has more users?

One of the most important points everybody will notice is the number of people who use these services. YouTube fans are by far more than IGTV’s. The point is IGTV’s followers are increasing very rapidly and it’s about 100 times more than is possible for IGTV to have more users than YouTube in near future.




Which service is faster to use?

In YouTube the quality of your video is better to be higher and after uploading you can choose what quality to watch the video with. On the other hand in IGTV the quality of video will be less, but it’s not noticeable and you can just feel the speed of uploading which will be more.




Let’s wait and see which app is the winner of this competition




Saturday, 13 April 2019 - 11:17:07